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Types of Occupational Health Services

Respirator Fit Testing

We provide OSHA annual respirator quantitative (QNFT) & qualitative (QLFT) fit testing with a variety of mask testing options including: 3M, Scott & MSA masks

Pulmonary Function Testing

When our providers grant clearance for respirator use to an individual, we recommend conducting a pulmonary function test to enhance our understanding of their lung function

Occupational Medicine

We work closely with employers and safety professionals to ensure the health and safety of workers. Our provider offers Occupational Injury Care, DOT Physicals, Pre-Employment Physicals, Silicosis Exams, Respiratory Exams

Drug & Alcohol Testing

We provide pre-employment screenings that include, DOT/Non-DOT drug test, Instant, Oral Fluid, Breath Alcohol, and Hair Specimen

Audiometric Testing

Monitor employee hearing with OSHA required test by certified technicians

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Third-party adminstrator affiliates

We Serve as a Collection Site for C/TPAs

DISA Global Solutions and ASAP Check, formerly known as ASAP Drug Solutions, PTC - Pipeline Testing Consortium Inc., FormFox Marketplace, and eScreen.
eScreen collection site
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Through our all-in-one LINK™ portal, employers can register and manage employees compliance online and gain access to web-based applications: eBinder & GateCheck™ site security access control

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